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Product or Factory Sourcing


1.Source high quality factories and suppliers according to client's requirements. No matter what     products you plan to source in China, we can find them for you. I can provide you as many suppliers’ info for the same products as possible for you to choose the tops with best quality and most competitive prices, to mail the pictures or catalogues concerned.

2. Obtain the quotation of the client-specified products in ten days or less. 

3. Mail the product samples for your evaluation and confirmation; 

4. Inspect the factory and negotiate the price and sales contract

Order Follow-up

1.Verify the purchase order(s).
2. Ensure all order details are in compliance with client requests: Features, materials, color, dimensions, packaging, labels, printing, etc...
3. Pre-production sample verification.
4. Production supervision.
5. Ensure on-time delivery 

Pre-Shipment Inspection

1.Random sampling inspection at final production line.
2. In event of failed inspection, coordinate corrections and schedule second inspection.
3. Ensure products meet both international quality inspection criteria and client-specified requirements.
4. Ensure adequate packaging and exact quantity of products per container on the packing list.
5. Witness loading of containers and record sealing number of each container.
When you come to Shanghai, China, especially to attend the Trade Fair / Exhibition or visit your supplier / factory, you might need some assistance to break down that language barrier between you and the person you are doing business with for best result.

I can do for you is more than the interpreter, I also do: 

1. Design a business trip plan and arrange it for you according to your requirements,your time and      your budget ;
2. Make an appointment with the factories, suppliers that you are going to visit in Advance;
3. Hotel Reservation ;
4. Booking flights, train ;
5. Car Rental ;
6. Airport pick up and drop off 

I am not only your interpreter, but also can be your business assistant, secretary, personal local tour guide, private shopping assistant, Mandarin tutor and Chinese cultural teacher who can fulfill your business needs and daily life needs.

China Business Interpreter and Assistant

 China Products Sourcing & Purchasing 

Purchasing from China offers many lucrative opportunities for small to mid-sized western companies like retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. But doing business halfway around the world with another culture and with people who speak an unfamiliar language, can be confusing and difficult. 

When you purchase from China,you need to have someone to follow-up your order, to make sure products are delivered in time and in good quality.  I can do for you is:

Doing Business with China

For Business

[Danni Hsu]

China Business Assistant / Interpreter